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Getting Referrals To Multiply Your Earnings

There are many free ways to promote your affiliate links. Your affiliate links are the keys to getting people to join as your referrals. You have an affiliate link for each of the sites that you joined which is usually located in the affiliate or referral section.

I recommend creating a text file or a Microsoft word file on your computer to copy your links into for easy access.

Next, share this with all your friends and family. Sometimes this can be the hardest part. You may feel like you are trying to sell them something. The best part is - this is totally free! Who doesn't like something for free?

On the other hand, if you know someone who is in the same position as you are - looking for ways to earn money online, then this person would be a great candidate as an affilate.

If you are not comfortable with this, there are many other ways to promote your links and get referrals. I didn't feel comfortable doing it either at first, so you can start with these other options which I will describe below. Then, when you are making tons of money, your family and friends will be coming to you!

While we are on the subject of family, I want to point out that the sites you learned about here at AlwaysFreeMoney.com have a strict policy as far as referring family. They only allow one account per household and internet connection so you can't have an account and invite your spouse or you kids in the same household to join as your referral. Be sure to carefully read all the Terms and Conditions of each affiliate program that you join.

Some other ways to promote your links are through forums where people are looking to make money online. Be creative - one idea that I never thought of originally was to pass out flyers. I gave it a shot. I designed some flyers and handed them out and I actually got a good response. Here is a sample of one of my flyers:

flyer sample

I even ordered some business cards from VistaPrint. It was really a small investment.

Check out the CashCrate Forum and go the the Referral Discussion. There is a post called "78 ways to get referrals". There are some great ideas there.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites are a great place to share your experience with all the sites you are promoting. If you are creative, you can make a video for Youtube with your links in it.

Be careful because all of these sites are really cracking down on spam. Do not spam your links in any way or your accounts may be terminated. Be sure to completely read the terms and conditions before you join these sites to promote your new links.

So how do you promote your links without posting them or spamming them? There are many ways to do this. Just be sure to have your link(s) in your profiles of the social sites or forums that you join whenever possible. This way, if anyone checks out your profile, your link(s) will be seen.

There are free blogging sites like Blogger where you can create a free blog for the world to see. You can write a review about the programs or just create a blog with your links and describe how you earn money online.

If you are looking for a way to make a free website you can do that too! I have a few free websites as well as some that I am paying for. The main difference between free sites and paying for a site are as follows:

Free sites - you are limited to the name of the website.

Paid sites - you can create your own domain name and design it however you want.

Free sites sometimes have low limits on bandwith and space so you are limited to what you can do. Free sites sometimes put advertising on your site as well.

So, if you are interested in a free website you can go to Blogger.com or Weebly.com

Everything on this site has been completely free and I really want to keep it that way. But, if you are interested in creating a website for as little as $1.95/month with your own domain then check out MochaHost! But remember, it is totally optional. You can do this without spending any money if you prefer to do it that way.

Many other companies lure you in with low prices like "one penny" for your first month then raise the price to something much higher. MochaHost has a 180 Risk Free Guarantee as well as a 30 day money back guarantee if you decide to cancel your account. Again, this is totally optional, but having your own website with all your links can be very beneficial.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, just take your time. If you want, you can just promote one or two sites for now. If you do that, I highly recommend starting with CashCrate and ClixSense. They have the best referral systems that I have seen.

If you haven't watched the tutorial video on referrals yet, I suggest you log into your CashCrate account and do it as soon as possible. And as far as Clixsense, you can refer back to our Clixsense Guide for a quick refresher on how easy it really is.

Be sure to visit our main page at AlwaysFreeMoney.com for more great ways to earn money online for FREE!

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